About us


The staffs of research and production enterprise “ECORAD” was formed and began its activity in the beginning of 1990's.

As a push to this was the increased demand for the new, technically outstanding domestic devices for the radiation monitoring of an environment and materials.

In new economic environment, the staffs of the enterprise have developed, and launched a serial production of principally new dosimeters-radiometers DRGB-01 “ECO-1”. At a stage of its development the staffs have used its creative potential and opportunities of advanced achievements of microprocessor engineering.


Main principles of activity of company “ECORAD” are the following:

1. Following the requirements and opportunities of the costumers, integrated approach in solving of the tasks of monitoring the radiation environment and constant development of the enterprise.

2. Realization of a principle of orientation to the demands and the opportunities of the costumers. It is an offer to our clients. It is optimal technical and profitable economical solution for radiation safety.

3. Working with our devices is a constant process, and each stage of this work is aimed for positive output. Job of our experts is the creative process and maximum possibly adapted for our customers.


Company “ECORAD” positions itself as small, but highly effective engineering enterprise which does not stop on the achieved outputs. From all the staffs of the enterprise and, first of all, from technical experts and managers are needed fast reaction to changes in technologies and in business environment, and also constant search of perspective directions of activity.

The administration stimulates the employees to increase a level of a professional knowledge and pioneer the best practices. Experts of the enterprise regularly carry out scientific research and development which is embodied further in the pilot models of new engineering.