The dosimeter-radiometer DRGB-01 “ECO-1”

The dosimeter-radiometer DRGB-01 “ECO-1”

This device is used for monitoring of radioactive environment in premises, on working places for the control of the impurity of raw material by radionuclides of materials, foods and water.

The device has three modes of measurements:

  • F - An equivalent doze rate of gamma radiation (detection and estimation the level of the radioactive safety).There are two options of the measurements: “cyclic” and “unitary”.
  • A - specific radioactivity (to detect the impurity of water, ground, food, building materials, cargoes by beta and gamma radioactive radionuclides).
  • B- The flux density of beta particles (to assess the impurity of the surfaces of various subjects, clothes, a body, etc.)

The technical characteristics

  • The energy range of gamma radiation is from 0,015 up to 3,0 MeV.
  • The detection energy of beta radiation is more than 0,15 MeV.
  • A measurement range of the equivalent doze rate (EDR) is from 0,10 up to 1000 mkSv/h.
  • The basic error of EDR measurement is 15%.
  • A measurement range of specific activity is from 4,0 up to 100 kBk/kg.
  • A measurement range of flux density of beta particles is from 0,1 up to 100 1/(s·cm2).
  • The basic error of measurement of flux density is less than 20%.

The device reproduces the sound alarm when the measurement ended in each of the operating modes. In modes of the EDR measurement, the measurement process is accompanied by a specific sound (clicks) which frequency is in proportion to the measured EDR. Exceeding the measured EDR more than the value 0,60 mkSv/h is accompanied by the sound alarm.

Overall dimensions 180х85х55 mm.
The weight of the device is not more than 350 grams.
The power supplies is from the accumulators NLZ - 0,9 or from a network of an alternating current 220В, the frequency 50Hz.
The sound alarm is reproduced when the accumulators are exhausted.

The time of measurement

  • in the EDR measurement mode - 20 sec;
  • in the measurement mode of flux density of beta particles - 160 sec;
  • in the measurement mode of specific activity - 1100 sec.

The working conditions of operation

  • the temperature of a surrounding air from -20 up to +50 °С;
  • the relative humidity when the temperature +25 °С, up to 95%;
  • the atmospheric pressure is from 84 up to 106,7 kPa.

A warranty is valid during the first 12 months from the moment of sale.

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