The dosimeter-radiometer DRGB-01 “ECO-1M”

The dosimeter-radiometer DRGB-01 “ECO-1M”

The device is used for the monitoring of the radioactive environment, in search of the spots of the radioactive pollution, accurate laboratory research and portable dosimetry.

It is used by the staffs of radiological and isotope laboratories, customs officials, employees of boundary and emergency services, a civil defense, the protection of the state and commercial institutions, fire guard, military departments, the building organizations, etc.

The technical characteristics

  • The energy range of gamma exposure is from 0,015 up to 3,0 MeV.
  • The energy of detected beta radiation is more than 0,15 MeV.
  • The measurement range of the equivalent doze rate (EDR) is from 0,10 up to 1000 mkSv/h.
  • The basic error of EDR measurement is 15%.
  • The measurement range of equivalent doze (ED) is from 0,10 up to 100000 mkSv.
  • The measurement range of flux density of beta particles is from 0,1 up to 700 1/(s×cm2).
  • The basic error of measurement of flux density is less than 20%.
  • Overall dimensions - 180х85х55 mm,
  • The device weight is not more than 450 grams,
  • The power supplies are from the accumulators NLZ - 0,9 or from a network
  • of an alternating current 220V, the frequency 50Hz. The device has the sound alarm for reporting when the accumulators are exhausted.

The working conditions of operation

  • The temperature of a surrounding air from -20 up to +50 °С;
  • The relative humidity when a temperature is +25 °С, up to 95%;
  • The atmospheric pressure is from 84 up to 106,7 kPa.

The distinctive features

  • simultaneous measurement of a doze rate and a doze (a doze of the operator), the value of the accumulating doze is saved when the device is turn off and when the operating mode is changed. The user can manually reset the memory of the accumulated EDR;
  • The device is managed by the menu which text is displayed on the display;
  • The mode of “a sliding window” is allowed us to reduce the time in search of the fine spots of the radioactive pollution;
  • The display illumination;
  • The memory of modes - save the mode in which the device was before it was turned off. After the power is no, the selected mode will be set;
  • The voice reproduction of the measurement result of EDR;
  • The indication of a measurement unit;
  • The indication of a statistical error during the measurement;
  • To choose a threshold of the sound alarm system: 0,30; 0,60 or 2,0 mkSv/h;
  • To choose a variation factor: it is not more than 2, 5, 10 or 20 sec, during the measurement up to predetermined value of the variation coefficient;
  • To choose the type of the information to display on the display: digital, analog, graphic;
  • To choose the measurement time of EDR: 2, 10, 20 or 60 sec, during the measurement with fixed time of the measurement;
  • The time of the measurement of flux density of beta particles is not more than 100 sec.

The device has the option to mount the detector inside the body of the device, or in the separate body (the external detector), installed on a telescopic bar and connected by the cable - extension with a socket on the body of the device. When the external detector is used, the power of the inside detector is turned off.

The service functions are optional and can be discuss ahead.

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